After purchasing your article package, you'll instantly receive an email with instructions and a private code that is yours to use to retrieve the articles of your choice anytime you want. When you're ready, you'll go into our website, search through our library of 600+ articles and pick the one(s) that you want to send to your audience. You can choose all the articles in your 12-pack or 24-pack in one sitting or select them over time, one at a time.

After you complete the redemption transaction using your private code, a download page will appear; the article is downloaded to your computer as a Word document. You can edit the article, combine it with another, add to it, change it for your specific area of expertise and more. Use it as your own in your ezine, or on your website or blog. You may even add your own byline.

That would be mighty surprising! MOST EVERY coach and mental health professional will find articles appropriate for their audience. But even businesses that are nowhere near coaching or counseling will find Ready2Go Articles that their clientele and prospects will enjoy.

For example, a real estate agent could use one of our articles on self-care and give it the angle of "taking extra special care of yourself during the stressful home buying process" and be truly memorable. Or a wedding planner could distinguish herself from others by sending articles from our "Loving Well" category of articles.

If you absolutely cannot find articles that would suit your market, email our support, and she will contact you personally to explore what articles might be appropriate.

No, Mirasee Inc. retains the ownership and copyright of all the articles. What we are selling you is the "license" to use the articles in any of the ways described above. What you'll need to do is include this phrase at the bottom of your articles (OK to put it in a tiny, light gray font): “Author’s content used with permission, © Mirasee Inc.”

We cap sales of individual articles at 250. Once it's been sold 250 times, it gets pulled off the site and not re-sold. This, plus the fact that we sell articles around the globe and encourage at least a little bit of customization, means no worries on your part.

Ready2Go Articles is a division of Mirasee Inc. The articles have all been written by a small pool of hand-selected professional writers that have been hired to create articles. We are constantly adding articles to this site.

If you plan to use the article(s) in an e-book, compilation, assessment or special report that you will GIVE away (such as in exchange for people subscribing to your newsletter), then the answer is yes. However, if you will be using the article(s) in a publication for commercial sale, you must make special arrangements with Mirasee Inc. Click here to request that.

About 110 of our articles are currently available in Spanish. Until they are posted on the site, you may request a list of these titles here.

Yes, you may. We've received requests to translate them into many languages, including Arabic, Spanish, French and Papiamentu (a language used on the Dutch Caribbean Islands), and we LOVE that!

Our clients have been enjoying Ready2Go Articles for so many years that we are confident you will, too, especially when you realize how much time and frustration they save you—and how much your clients like them!

If you don't, however, no worries! Contact us within 3 days of getting your article to let us know you're not happy with the article. We'll first attempt to swap the article with another that works better for you. If none are found, we'll refund 100% of the money you spent on that article.

While we realize that some unscrupulous people would ask for a refund and then keep and use the article anyway, we both know that this kind of behavior is out of integrity. And we know that's not you.

Under the license you're purchasing, you may not sell or transfer the rights to these articles to anyone else. This means you may use the articles yourself as your own but not sell them or give them to others to use.

No, unless you substantially rewrite the article. Many article directories have guidelines against publishing articles to which you don't have exclusive rights. These articles are best used to enhance your visibility and deepen your relationship with your own audience.

Please don't hesitate to ask Mirasee directly by clicking here. Include your name and a phone number.