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A Seasonal Approach to Life

Through her natural cycle, Mother Nature offers ways to tap into greater sense of flow and productivity in our lives.

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Mother Nature certainly likes her routine. Global warming aside, she cycles through the same processes, in the same order, doing things the same way they always have worked.

Within that cycle, of course, variations exist—a dry winter or a mild fall—but we always can rely on the rhythm. One season follows the other. It’s a comfortable predictability in a world that often seems to be wildly unpredictable.

Luckily, it is possible to tap into that natural cycle, to bring into our lives a greater sense of flow and order.

As you read the suggestions below, keep in mind that we all have our own rhythms as well. What works for one person might not work for another. Take the ideas as ways to get you thinking. If a particular suggestion won’t work for you, is there another seasonally inspired activity that might?

How to Keep Your Cool in the Summertime

For all the talk about summertime and the living being easy, it may not be as easy as it seems.

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Along with longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures, summer brings on its own stress. Here’s a list of ten summer stressors.


Tempers can flare along with the temperature. Heat can also bring on lethargy.It may be difficult to feel energized to get the work done. Air conditioning may cool you off, but it may affect you in other ways, too.

More traffic

Longer daylight hours means more people out, going places. The streets and freeways are crowded with more tourists and travelers. Drivers are ¬irritable, quick-tempered; it takes longer to get anywhere, and traffic jams are the norm.

More home chores

Seems like the number of projects to do increases directly with the length of daylight hours. What with the garden growing, and all those weeds — and what do you do with all those tomatoes and squash?

Life Lessons from the Garden

Reviled by many as a bothersome weed, the dandelion nevertheless continues to display its pert, yellow self in lawns everywhere, thriving in the face of adversity. What are the lessons there?

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Where, in our own lives, do we face adversity? How do we carry ourselves through it: head down, beating ourselves up or feeling defensive and resentful? Or head up and face open, like the dandelion, sure of our intrinsic worthiness, knowing our gifts to the world, even if the world doesn’t necessarily recognize them?

For those who know how to look and wait, the garden teems with other such life lessons. As spring awakens this year, turn your awareness to the wise teachings of your garden. If you don’t have a conventional garden, a container garden on your porch or potted plants in your home still offer valuable lessons. Here are a few:

It’s OK to be imperfect. Trying to grow the perfect rose, or the perfect cabbage, is an exhausting, never-ending quest for flawlessness. “Imperfect” roses are still beautiful and “imperfect” cabbages still burst with flavor, just like we humans. With our myriad imperfections, we still contribute our own beauty and zest to the world.

Pruning improves growth. Removing old habits that don’t serve us opens new possibilities for growth in areas that do serve us.

Summer Vacations and Families—What To Do With All That Togetherness?

Summer vacations with the family can be the best of times or the worst of times. How does a harried parent ensure that there’s more of the former?

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Interminable plane trips, boring hotel rooms, exhausting hours together in the car, funky cabins on muddy lakes and six straight days of rain — family vacations can be difficult enough for adults, but for children they can be down right awful!

On the other hand, exploring new places together, sharing time and goofing-off for days at a stretch, meeting new people or reuniting with loving relatives — family vacations can be the best thing since summer was invented.

How to have more of the best of times and less of the worst?

First of all, watch out for great expectations. Your own and the kids’. Enjoy the surprise of the vacation as it unfolds. This doesn’t mean don’t make plans. By all means, do make plans. And include everyone in the planning. Maps, brochures, photographs, letters, share them all. Make check-lists, too, with responsibilities for everyone.

Summertime Drinking: When Is It a Problem?

Summer brings more leisure time, longer daylight hours—and more drinking. When does increased drinking indicate a problem?

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Just like the temperature, drinking taboos are lifted a few degrees in the summertime. Drinking in the daytime is more acceptable. Consider lounging around the pool drinking tall, cool ones, patio parties where exotic drinks and tiki torches brighten up the night. And since it stays lighter later, the cocktail hour is extended a few hours.

It’s not true that increased drinking causes alcoholism — alcoholism is a disease with many “causes.” Just because someone drinks more frequently, or consumes more alcohol than they used do, doesn’t mean he or she has become an alcoholic. But, there are warning signs that drinking may be a problem, for example:

• starting to drink earlier in the day

• increased drinking (drinking every day or every few days, and drinking increased quantities)

• continuing to drink when they’ve “had enough.”

• denying they’ve “had enough.”

Top 10 Ways to Chase the Winter Blues

Gray, rainy or snowy days and high heating bills can sink a mood. Here are ten ways to lift one’s spirits.

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Winter blues color the mood of those in the higher latitudes most often, but even residents of milder climes can experience a touch of after-the-holidays seasonal heaviness. Symptoms may include feeling a little sad, experiencing a lack of energy, boredom, and maybe some loneliness.

Following are ten ways to relieve those winter blues.

1. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

2. Keep a regular sleep schedule.

3. Pamper yourself—massage, beauty salon, spa. Paint your toenails.

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