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Add Play to Take the Routine Out of Exercise

What can one do when boredom seeps into one’s exercise routine? Incorporate play.

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Play is the ultimate in cross-training, as you move your body through many ranges of motion at different intensities. You are likely to see gains in strength, stamina and even weight loss—not to mention an increased feeling of liveliness and enthusiasm. And when you’re having a good time, you’ll forget you’re actually working out.

Here are a few ways to inject fun into your physical activity. Be as zany as you want in adding to this list.

•Infuse a little “silliness” into your walk by skipping or doing a bit of hopscotch.

•Create little obstacle courses out of trees, curbs, creek beds, potholes, park benches.

•Learn to juggle. You’ll forget how much you’re doing for your upper arms and back.

• Jump rope—alone or with a partner.

An “Exercise” in Vitality: The Missing Ingredient in Vital, Vibrant Living

We all know the benefits of exercise. Why, then, do we resist doing it?

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What’s on the list of top 10 ways to reduce stress? Exercise.

One of the top 10 ways of relieving anxiety? Exercise.

Maintain good health? Exercise.

Relieve depression? Build self-esteem? Improve self-image and confidence? Reduce tension? Improve mental sharpness and alertness? Increase immunity to certain diseases and health risks? Lose weight? Improve the quality of sleep? Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

With a list like this, one might ask if there is any aspect of human life that isn’t helped by regular exercise. Not according to physical and mental health experts. Anyone and everyone who is concerned with health and well-being agrees: Physical activity is a vital component for optimum physical and emotional health. Regular exercise is the key to increasing the quality of life. Being active improves body, mind, and spirit.

Move Your Body, Move Your Soul

Drop the word “exercise,” throw out the term “physical education” and stop cowering when you hear “dance.” Replace those loaded terms with the sheer joy and simple pleasure of moving your body.

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No matter your size, your shape, the flesh that jiggles, the bones that stick out, the maleness or femaleness of your contour—you will find in your moving body an expression of your deepest desires, your visions, your dreams, your one true voice that is inside you always.

“Nothing is more revealing than movement,” said pioneering modern dancer Martha Graham.

Graham understood the body as a source of insight into some of the core issues of one’s life—a source of knowledge and transformation, a pathway to awareness.

When we “move to learn,” rather than “learn to move,” we enter unknown inner territory. We begin to discover aspects of ourselves and our lives from fresh and refreshing perspectives. The personal history stored in our body becomes accessible for examination and dialogue.

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