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3 Simple Actions to Boost Traffic to Your Blog

Three simple and easy steps that business owners can take today to start driving more traffic to their blog.

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Just like your business, you have to market your blog. Otherwise, that feeling of posting into a black hole that no one will see will be mostly true.

Fortunately, you can get started today to drive more traffic to your blog. And the vast business benefits of a blog makes it totally worth the marketing effort.

Here are three simple actions that will increase your blog traffic.

  1. Share Your Posts on Social Media.

If you're active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, share a link to each new blog post as part of your regular interaction. Include a teaser or a snippet to motivate clicks, a link to your post, and if possible, include an image in your blog post.

7 Benefits of Using Wordpress for Your Blog

A list of several great reasons why more business owners than ever are choosing Wordpress as their blogging platform of choice.

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There are many good reasons to choose WordPress over the competition for the platform of your blog, including the ability to maximize your search engine rankings.

Here are some everyday reasons to use WordPress as your platform of choice.

  1. Personality – WordPress is all about your personality with hundreds of free themes to personalize and provide an Internet presence that represents who you are as a solopreneur. The themes are flexible and can be customized to your niche audience, service and product line. Best yet, if you get tired of the theme you are using on WordPress, simply change it by uploading a new theme and with a simple click of a button, WordPress moves your content to the new theme for you.

7 Must-Have Features for Your Blog

Blogs are a great way for business owners to grow their business and build relationships with potential clients. However, even the biggest blogs can make the mistake of overlooking important features. Find out what must-have features their blogs may be missing.

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Blogs are a great way to connect and build relationships with your potential clients.

Depending on what you talk about, they can help you reach a completely new audience and they give your audience a way to get to know you and your brand, and to participate in your community. All of these are important for both growing your business and growing your blog following. Often, however, even the biggest blogs make little mistakes. They forget or overlook some important features.

Here are seven features to implement on your blog:

Subscribe or RSS feed. There’s nothing more frustrating, as a visitor, than finding a blog you enjoy and not being able to subscribe to it. People are busy, too busy to remember to visit your blog on a daily or weekly basis. Cut them a break, and yourself, and offer an option to subscribe to your blog so each new post is delivered via email, sent to a reader or shows up on their iGoogle page.

12 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

A dozen ideas for getting more traffic to a blog—or a website.

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Blogging is one of the best marketing ideas for many solopreneurs and can become the cornerstone of your marketing plan. Here are a dozen ideas for getting more traffic to your blog—or your website.

  1. Post entries on your blog as frequently as possible. Search engines will rank you much higher if there is frequent new content. Several times a week is a minimum.
  2. Include a place on your blog for people to subscribe. The best blogs allow the reader to get posts through either an RSS feed or by email.
  3. Use tags on every post. Tags are labels that the search engines use and will help your posts be found on blog directories.

Create a Habit of Blogging for Online Success

Tips for creating a blog posting routine to ensure posts stay consistent and achieve the desired results.

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How often do you blog? If you blog at least once a week then it’s a good idea to create a blog posting routine. This will ensure that your blog posts are consistent and that they create the results you desire.

Identify When You Are Most Creative

This is actually a two part process. You want to both identify when you feel most productive and creative. In addition to actually writing or creating your blog posts, you’ll want to have creative time to plan your blog content for the week or month. Depending on how many blog posts you publish each week, you might set aside two days for content creation and one day for planning.

So when are you most creative and productive? Pay attention to when you have the most energy and creative inspiration. It may be that first thing in the morning you're a down to business type of person. By lunchtime you may be winding down on the tasks and ready for more strategic and creative work. Or you might be a night person who feels inspired when the sun sets.

How to Find Topics for Articles and Blog Posts

Somewhere along the line, most people experience difficulties coming up with new ideas and topics to write about. Here are some tips on how to break through that wall known as “writer's block.”

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It's not uncommon for content creators to hit a wall when trying to come up with ideas on topics they can write about. Knowing this is most likely going to happen to you somewhere along the line, it’s best to arm yourself with resources that can help you overcome the times you encounter “writer's block.”

First and foremost, start by looking around at online forums, blogs and various communities that contain popular, modern and informational topics. Use some of those topics as ideas and consider it a useful tool that should help you come up with topics for your own website content. If this particular topic is being discussed on someone else's site, why not create an informative article or blog post on yours?

Check out the news websites for the most recent and/or most popular news topics. News websites usually get tons of visitors. Finding a topic and using that topic as an idea for website content is a great way to draw some of those interested visitors to your site.

How to Get Your Articles and Blog Posts Read

Getting content written is half the job, getting it read is the other half. With so much time and energy spent creating content, don't let it go unnoticed. These tips will help pull readers into a website and get that content read.

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Writing and creating content for your website is perhaps the single most important marketing and business-building strategy available to online business owners. However, in addition to simply creating content, you want to have your articles and content read.

Articles that are compelling pull the visitor into your website where they'll continue to search for more valuable content. They will begin to not only remember your website as a source of good content, but also as a reliable business.

Here are five tips to get your articles and blog posts read:

Compelling Headlines

Your headline is the first thing that your visitor or reader will notice. It must grab their attention by appealing to their emotions, making a promise, offering a benefit, inciting controversy, arousing curiosity or stating something newsworthy.

Pages and Widgets that Every Blog Should Have

There are a few pages that every blog should have. These pages will give readers an idea of who the blog's owner is, what they blog about, will help readers navigate their website, and some are even required for regulations. Find out what pages every blog needs that may be missing.

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There are a few pages that every blog should have. These pages will help give your readers an idea of who you are and what you blog about. They'll help your readers navigate your website. Also, some pages are required for other reasons, such as web regulations or search engine optimization.

Here are a few of the pages and widgets that every blog should have.

An About Me Page

At the end of the day, people want to know about who you are.

If they're reading your blog and taking advice from you, they want to know who you are. They want to know about your past accomplishments and failures. They want to know what makes you who you are. They want to know your story.

Put this in an about me page and make it easy to find.

Contact Page

Not all bloggers want to be contacted. However, it's a good idea to at least have a contact form. Why?

Use Your Blog for Higher Search Engine Ranking

A blog is a free marketing tool that many business owners don't take advantage of and it can help them achieve higher search engine rankings. Help their blog live up to its full potential and start achieving better rankings for their business website.

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Blogging is a necessity for website owners. It is a free marketing tool that many don't take advantage of. Using it can help you to achieve higher search engine rankings for your website.

Think of it as the difference between formal and informal meetings with clients. On your website, you are providing essential information about the business – what you can do for those who need your services. You give them what they need in a well-written format. They can find your store with products for sale, membership options and opt-in pages for newsletters and mailing lists.

With a blog, you can let your hair down so to speak. A blog allows you to post information for your readers and customers. Then, they can provide feedback to you in the form of comments on your posts. You can discover vital suggestions from customers that can enhance your business. Blogs have appeal to many and they are also followed by people who like what you have to say but who have not even visited your website – yet.

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