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Becoming an Author

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Becoming an Author

8 Steps to an Ebook

Ebooks are a valuable business building tool that many client-based professionals are using for opt-in freebies and passive income. However, some business owners feel it's too big of a task to take on. Following these 8 tips can simplify the process and get them writing their first ebook.

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E-books are one of the valuable products that many client-based professionals produce to help build their practice or business. Small e-books can be an opt-in freebie that you use for visibility and list building. And larger e-books can be a source of passive income.

Many solopreneurs don't write an e-book because it looks like such a big task. But it doesn't have to be daunting. Try this step-by-step guide to getting your e-book ready to go.

  1. Research the needs of your niche.You need to know that what you write about will matter to your audience. Spend some time finding out the problems encountered in your niche and write your book to solve one of the most important issues. Make sure that you write a one or two sentence statement about the purpose of the book in order to guide your writing.
  2. Title your e-book carefully.There are several points to consider in choosing your title. You want it to be catchy and, at the same time, be clear about your subject matter. This is often accomplished through the use of subtitles.

How to Get Testimonials for Your Book

It's not enough to just publish a book, there's marketing involved in order to sell it. Testimonials are a key ingredient in any marketing strategy. Find out who gives the best testimonials and how to get them.

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You've just created a book and you're ready to publish. Congratulations! The book market is still growing in demand. And publishing is a fantastic way to build your business and make money.

However, it's not enough to simply publish a book. If you want to sell books then you'll need to do a bit of marketing, too. Testimonials are a key ingredient in your book-marketing strategy.

Before You Publish

Gather a few testimonials before you publish your book. These testimonials can be used on your website and sales page. They can also be used inside the cover or on the back of your book to help a prospect justify the buying decision.

Collecting testimonials before you publish gives you the opportunity to hand pick the best testimonials to include in your book.

How to Publish a Book on Kindle

Publishing a book on Amazon can make them available to a much wider audience. Discover how to publish a book on Kindle and some things that require consideration first.

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Amazon started out as a book seller and at the time, no one believed that it would survive. Today, you can buy just about anything on Amazon. Beyond that, you can publish and sell your books there, too.

As a business owner, if you have already written reports and eBooks, why not publish them on Amazon and make them available to a much wider audience?

Publishing a Book on Kindle Is a Pretty Easy Process

There are many ways to publish with Amazon. Create Space is their self-publishing option if you want to publish a print book.

If you're interested in publishing a digital book, an eBook, then KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing is the path to pursue. There is also KDP Select, which gives Amazon an exclusive on your book for a limited period of time. You earn higher royalties and they do more to help you market your book.

The Powerful Business Benefits of Writing a Book

Writing an ebook can boost any kind of business, but most business owners may not consider these other powerful benefits writing an ebook can bring.

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Have you ever considered writing a book? If so, consider writing an e-book first and take advantage of the many opportunities that brings.

In addition to being a wonderful business model in and of itself, writing an ebook can boost any kind of business. There are really not too many other business models that offer automated profits. And you can earn money from your ebook for years to come.

Additionally, writing an ebook is a fairly straightforward task. You can write an ebook this month and be raking in the profits next month.

If you're not interested in selling your ebook, you can give it away. Either way, here are some of the fantastic benefits you'll gain.

A Credibility and Authority Boost

We give authors our confidence. Writing and publishing an ebook will give you and your business a credibility boost. It essentially establishes you as an expert in your industry.

Write a Book, Market Your Business

Books offer significant return on investment and can be used as a great marketing tool. Here are some great ways to use a book to market a business.

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Whatever you've already added to your list of business goals, make room for this one: Create a book and use it to market your business.

Books offer a significant return on your investment, and they make excellent marketing tools. And since that investment is restricted to your own time and writing efforts, a book should definitely be on your business to-do list.

Why a book?

  • Thanks to the larger word count, with a book you can go even more in-depth into the advice and information your prospects are craving. They'll pay greater attention to this more substantial format.
  • You can show your prospects just how much of an expert you really are in your field.

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